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Disc Benders is the ultimate Disc Golf simulator for virtual reality

  • Launch powerful drives, curve the disc, and sink long putts in this realistic discing game
  • Play now with 45+ holes over 4 courses with varied landscapes
  • Choose from 5 disc types, each with it's own unique flight pattern
  • Developed for all Oculus platforms, including Quest & Rift

Developing a game is hard work, especially as a solo dev, and I need moderate resources to make Disc Benders a reality. This being my primary mode of income, I would appreciate any donations and support given by players who enjoy the experience. Thank you!

DEMO: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/4278592192236773/ 

Twitterhttps://twitter.com/DiscBenders @DiscBenders




Email: FreeFallStudios.Games@gmail.com


Buy Now$13.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $13.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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My issue is that i can walk anywhere, grab my disc and throw .. no need to be in the little blue circle. I can just walk straight next to the hole, press B to spawn my disc and drop it in, and get a hole in 1.

To be fair that is possible to do in real disc golf by just walking up to the basket and throwing it in, I think its all about the honor system just like in the real sport, no need to restrict people from enjoying the map.


Please help. Me and my buddy LOVE this game. But when we play multiplayer on Oculus Quest 2 we can only get about 3 throws in and then suddenly the ability to throw goes away. It’s as if we are both waiting for the other player to throw. Any advice on this?

The furthest I have made it in multiplayer is 3 completed holes. This issue seems to be common especially if someone goes on.

my oculus key has a syntax error so I can't add it.  Can you check? Thanks. I enjoy the game very much.

Hey Jefe, I believe you have to remove the dashes, I'm not sure why Oculus formatted it this way. Hope this works for you :)

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Super excited to get a couple of my friends to purchase this for multiplayer, does anyone happen to know if the “game breaking” bugs on quest 2 have been sorted since applab approval?  They can be critical.. want to make sure they enjoy it, thank you! :)

Hey Lift, dev here. There have been reported issues with the throwing on Quest 2 from some users, but after purchasing and testing on one myself, I found no such errors or bugs - We aren't exactly sure where these stories might be cropping up from, but I can say for the majority of Quest 2 users, the experience plays as intended. If you want, you can always hop in the discord to get additional opinion on the matter from the players themselves. Let me know if there's anything else I can tend to :)

Thank you for the reply! Will definitely convince them to purchase, perhaps the reports are just inexperience or learning troubles? Great game by the way!

Hey sorry for the delayed reply - I'm not exactly sure yet, I had thought it might have been a bad batch of hardware (bad tracking/speed) but it could really also just be down to player's throwing styles, everyone's different. But, some have had this issue who have been playing for a long time, or have been playing DB since the start, so there's some gray area that's coming through. Tough to pin down.

And thank you! I'm so glad you're enjoying it, I hope it brings you fun and a consistent, positive experience :)

why am i not seeing a download button ...only purchase

At the very very top of the page for me in the color brown it says “you own this game” and below is a download link, hope this helps!

Deleted 2 years ago

Any word on App Lab keys for prior purchasers?


Hey eka,

We should be getting around to doling out AppLab keys for purchases this week. We are working on some quick bug fixes in the mean time that are game breaking. I'll make sure to announce when keys come through :)

Okay, thanks!


are there oculus keys for the people who has purchased the game?, fantastic game 10/10 


I’m interested in knowing where to find my applab key too, I’ve never used itch.io and the day I decide I can’t wait any longer the game is on the applab but a few hours later. Love the game.

Deleted 2 years ago

Hi Speddr,

This is still being investigated, but we do intend to give out App Lab keys to purchasers, coming this week. Please do stay tuned! :)


You need to update these images to reflect some of the awesome new aesthetics in your latest release.  :)

Coming right now!

Just went up! https://gamerboyadvanced.itch.io/disc-benders/devlog/230175/aesthetics-polish-up...


The page you linked to looks great.  It's this page that has some of the old style graphics going on: https://gamerboyadvanced.itch.io/disc-benders (the page that I wrote this message on, but you might not be seeing it in context).

Updated :)


That's the ticket.  Looks great! :)


Thank you :) New trailer up too!

The downloads page seems to be glitched...all of the downloads lead me to the Multiplayer_Final_1126 version. Is that intentional?


Hey deft, sorry the page is causing you issues. The latest version of the game is indeed 11_26. You should get an .apk DiscBenders_AceRun_Quest_Full_11_26 and a .zip with the same name but _Rift_

I think you're right, these were misnamed. My apologies - I've just fixed it so let me know if it's resolved for you :)

what was in the latest update a day ago?


Hey Tannerroney,

This update has many things in it, namely the new & improved throwing mechanics, full multiplayer support, and a new course. I'll be doing a write-up tomorrow on it to let everyone the full details. Feel free to pick it up! :)


Thats awesome, appreciate such a great game! 🤙🏼

Holy smokes, Batman!  Full multiplayer support!?  That's amazeballs!  OK, I'll stop with the exclamations.  Sorry I have been off the grid for a while, but damn, you've been really, really busy, haven't you?  This is perfect timing for the next Coronavirus lockdown that we all know is coming, hah.  Seriously, I've got at least 4 friends that I'm sure will be up for buying your game, although it might take me a week or two to get them on board.

Hmm... it still shows the last updated date on Itch as August 31st.  Have you not uploaded the new version yet or is this just an Itch bug?

Hey Shdw, long time no see. I've been off the grid too (moving) and just came back online. Yes, the game has full multiplayer support! Can't believe it's come all this way. Would love to have you and your friends come on board, there are lots of others too.

I'm wondering, are you still seeing an older build on Itch? The new version has been up for weeks now, so I can't imagine there should be any issues at this point...


Now I have no idea where I saw that older build.  Maybe I confused myself when I saw the "Published on March 20, 2020" info?  Maybe it was just weird cached junk in my browser?  On Itch.io, I see that you updated it 17 days ago for the Quest (19 days ago for the Rift), so who knows what crack I was smokin'!  Anyhow, super cool that it's all multiplayer fancy.  You might want to update the SideQuest info because that doesn't show the multiplayer stuff (and is the current version 1.0.0?).  Of course, since you just dropped your note about that yesterday here on Itch, you're probably already working on the SideQuest goodness...

Anyhow, I'll definitely convince my amigos to join soon, especially as we go into Lockdown Season, hah.  Looking forward to giving it a spin!  (See what I did there?  Heh.)

Great game!

Thanks dat :) 

Exclusive Patched Quest VR Games(t.me/questgameclub)

Where can I donate to your awesome game? I don't see a place to do it here. (J.R. a.k.a amraKarma)

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Hey amra, that's amazing you'd like to donate! I had thought that was exposed, but I don't see it either. I'm looking for the option now...

Okay, if you hit Download, it should ask you for a donation now :)

Thanks so much Amra, you're supporting the development of this game!

Very happy to.